TEMO is focused on helping you as an up and coming entrepreneur achieve success in the online arena by providing you with knowledge, resources, advice, and encouragement. Many years of trial and error has taught me that success is not something that just happens, especially not overnight. Instead it is something acquired through strategic planning, consistent effort, and determination that does not allow you to quit when things get tough.
One thing you must learn to do along the way to success is to avoid what is called “Shiny Object Syndrome”, something that has plagued me over the years. This is habit of jumping from one appealing opportunity, many that are scams, to another without ever giving any one thing your all. Focus is crucial to success.

My goal is to help you avoid getting caught up in this this syndrome by recommending legit opportunities and support tools and services and that have been tested and proven to work, based on my research and personal experience.

I value honesty and will not encourage you to waste your time and money on things that would be of little or no value to you. Unfortunately, there are those out there who would have no problem doing so to make a buck.

Yes, I do make money as an affiliate for some of the offers I promote should you buy from my referral links as that is what an online business does. However, providing value and inspiration that paves a smoother path for your success and hopefully being able to one day hear you say that I somehow had a positive impact on your success is really what drives me.
Today I ask that you make a commitment to succeed. Based on my experience, the fastest way to achieve success is by following a proven system that includes a mentorship and a support community. For starters I suggest you sign up for my free 25 tips to online business success and check out my recommended resources page. While subscribe to my new notifications mailing list.

My name is Harry Lawrence and I have lived in Tokyo, Japan for most of my adult life. I have over 20 years of experience in the IT field, over 10 years in Internet Marketing, as well as a background in teaching. I am also the owner of a consulting company that specializes in providing staffing and technology solutions for US government agencies.
Over the years I have built over 4o blogs in various niches and completed hundreds of hours completing training courses about various aspects of creating and running a successful online business.


To achieve success by helping others succeed, especially those who are new to the online market arena.